Nelson® Bubble Lotus Table Lamp

George Nelson for Herman Miller® - 1952

An assortment of lights in various spherical silhouettes, the Nelson Bubble Lamps add a touch of softness and luminosity to interiors. Designed by George Nelson in 1952, these elegant fixtures are fashioned from a sturdy, lightweight steel frame yet have a delicate, floating quality. Choice of ball, cigar or pear shades. Choose from a brushed nickel or walnut base.

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Polymer plastic coating over a steel wire-frame. 8-inch line-grained, nickel-plated steel base, available with or without a walnut cover. Features an on/off pull chain with solid walnut end. Bulb is not included. 150W max. 7-foot 2-inch cord.


Ball: 12.75" dia x 26.5" H; Cigar: 10.5" dia x 26.5" H; Pear: 13" dia x 26.5" H