Nelson® Bubble Ball Pendant Lamp

George Nelson for Herman Miller® - 1952

An assortment of lights in various spherical silhouettes, the Nelson Bubble Lamps add a touch of softness and luminosity to interiors. Designed by George Nelson in 1952, these elegant fixtures are fashioned from a sturdy, lightweight steel frame yet have a delicate, floating quality.

Small $561

Medium $845

Large $1129


Plastic polymer over steel wire frame. Each lamp comes with a 5.25" brushed, nickel plated steel ceiling plate and 10 feet of cord. Bulb not included. 150W max. Use a feather duster, a clean soft white cloth, or vacuum with a clean soft brush attachment as needed. For stubborn stains, clean the surface using a soft clean white absorbent cloth with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Wipe down surfaces with the damp cloth and dry with a clean soft white cloth. Avoid using glass cleaners, abrasive cleaning compounds, ammonia, or bleach; they may damage the surface of the plastic and result in discolouration. Make sure cleaning materials are free of grit and other foreign materials.


Small H 12" X 12.75" / Med H 15.5" X W 19" / Large H 23.5" X W 26.5"