Stacked Shelving

Julien de Smedt for Muuto - 2008

The Stacked shelving system provides a storage solution with endless possibilities. With the use of small clips, the modules can be rearranged to create all manner of shelving set ups, room dividers or side tables. The design can be easily changed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting them directly onto the wall. There is also an available podium to keep your Stacked off the floor. Available in oak, white, light grey, or midnight blue.

Small from $245

Medium from $309

Large from $375


Modules and podium in PU lacquered MDF or oak veneer. Clips made of painted steel. Each Stacked module comes with two colour matching clips, while Oak comes with light grey clips. Max. weight per module: 25 kg/ 55 lb (free-standing) & 12 kg/26.5 lb (wall-mounted) Max. total weight: 300 kg/ 660 lb when evenly distributed on the Podium Max. total height: 285 cm/ 112.25" and max. 6 modules on top of one another. Modules must always be connected with 2 Clips or be mounted to a wall to ensure stability of the shelving system. Care: Remove dust from shelves with a soft cloth. When necessary clean with moist cloth. For wood veneer finishes, dry immediately with a soft cloth following wood grains. The wood should not be exposed to excessive heat, direct sunlight or humidity.