Flow Trolley

Normal Studio for Muuto - 2021

The Flow Trolley brings the concept of functional design into a modern context through its grooved trays in embossed metal for a contemporary expression, paired with the flexibility of its wheels that allows for it to be moved from one room into the other. Designed in a monochrome look, the Flow Trolley adds modern storage to any space in the home, workplace or hospitality setting. Choose from grey or blue-grey and two height options.

From $815


Trays and legs in powder coated steel. Wheels in powder coated steel and rubber. Assembly is required. Wheels for hard floors and soft floors. Wheels will not work carpets that are too fluffy. Care Instructions: It is recommended to clean the Flow Trolley with a damp cloth and if necessary, only use a mild solution pH neutral cleaner and wipe dry to remove any residues. To minimize the risk of stains and marks, liquid, grease etc. should be removed straight away. If dust gets stuck on the tires of the wheels, remove it with a wet cloth. During use: If a child attempts to pull themselves up by the trolley, it can tip. Note that the trolley does not have any breaks. Therefore, you must ensure that it is placed on a flat surface in a stable place. Max weight load is 110 lbs.


2-Layer: 16.4" W x 22.6" L x 22.5" H; 3-Layer: 16.4" W x 22.6" L x 35.3" H