Restore Basket

Mika Tolvanen for Muuto - 2009

The Restore is a perfect storage basket because it holds its shape yet is made of a soft, non-scratching material — a polymer derived from recycled plastic bottles. It’s perfect for holding magazines, toys, and firewood.



Polymer felt made from recycled PET bottles. A percentage of the product comes from recycled plastic bottles, which are granulated, heated and blown like little fibers that are subsequently dyed. The fibers are worked together like mats, which can be pressed over heat-influenced forms that enables the material to maintain it’s shape. Cleaning instructions: Vacuum / If necessary use moist cloth. Available in black, black melange, dusty green, grey melange, sand, midnight blue, burnt orange, dark green, dark brown, beige-green, brown green, dusty lilac and light blue.


13.75" L x 19" W x 9" H