Chispa Portable Lamp

Joan Gaspar for Marset - 2020

With a design that combines elements of a high-quality garage light and a camp lantern, the Chispa is lightweight and eminently useful, with three different light levels for different settings and moods. Chispa (Spark), designed by Joan Gaspar, is waterproof certified, a portable, rechargeable, cordless lamp that can be left outside. It also comes with an accessory that allows one to hang it. When turned on, the light itself illuminates the lamp, mitigating its colour. Available in orange, blue, green and black version. Chispa evokes creativity and ingenuity, the spark of light and combustion.

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$303 $257.55


Base: Polycarbonate. Diffuser: Opal Polyethylene. Accessory: 39.4" length Rope cord with metal hook. 3-Step Dimmer. Light source: LED SMD 0.7A 2.7W 2700K CRI90 216lm. Charging cable included (USB to USB-C). Power adapter not included. Suitable for wet locations. Charging time: 10 hours. Battery life time: 7 hours in peak power, 14 hours in half power and 28 hours in a quarter power.


3.9" Dia x 7" H