Bicoca Portable Table Lamp

Christophe Mathieu for Marset - 2017

This colourful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces. Made of polycarbonate, Bicoca begins with an overlay of basic geometric figures, with a tiltable shade to direct the light. Three separate accessories increase the applicability and versatility of the lamp. A powerful magnet can be affixed to the bottom of the fixture, allowing you to place it to metal surfaces -even vertical walls- defying gravity. An armchair accessory drapes over armrests, sofa backs, or headboards, so you can bring your Bicoca to all your personal reading spaces. Bicoca Portable Table Lamp is small, manageable, versatile and autonomous.



Polycarbonate shade and base, with polycarbonate opal diffuser. Stainless steel and teflon joint. 3-step dimmer. Light source: LED SMD 3.2W 2700k Delivered Lumens - 241lm (included). Battery life: 5 hours in peak power, 10 hours in half power, 20 hours in a quarter power. Battery charging time: 10 hours. 6 Colour finishes available. Accessories sold separately.


5.51" Dia Shade x 2.52" Dia Base x 8.85" H