Radii Dining Table


Radii is a solid wood dining table with subtle detailing that lends refinement to its simple appearance. The design is defined by thin bevelled edges that cleverly flow through radius cuts to blend with the graceful legs. This sculptural detail gives visual lightness to the top while emphasizing the mass and durability of the table. Concealed metal plates provide a seamless and ridged connection between the top and legs, while a lengthwise tensioning bar inset in the underside of the top can be used to ensure it remains perfectly flat over time. Available in three sizes, the table is finished with an advanced low build water-based polyurethane that gives the wood a natural open-grain appearance, while providing maximum durability and longevity.

From $5670


Solid wood top and legs in White Oak or Walnut. Low gloss water based polyurethane clear coat. Product must be stored under climate-controlled conditions, natural wood is susceptible to temperature and humidity. Colour fading may occur over time with exposure to light and UV rays.


L 78¾” D 35½” H 28³⁄8”; L 94½” D 37½” H 28³⁄8”; L 110¼” D 39½” H 28³⁄8”