Display String® Shelving

Nils Strinning for String - 1949

The String system was designed in 1949 and it has evolved from ground-breaking concept to beloved Scandinavian design classic. Each component of the system integrates perfectly into an almost infinite variety of combinations. The components are available in a range of colours and materials, yet the measurements are fixed and have never been altered. That’s why a String shelf can always be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed. String system is not limited to any one room or need. Components included: Oak/White Folding Table, Oak Cabinet with Sliding Doors, White Chest with Two Drawers, Oak Shelves, White Magazine Shelf along with White Side Panels.


Local delivery or pick up only. Installation is not included.

$3145 $2359


Side panels are plastic coated steel wire in white. Shelves and components are MDF with laminate finishes in white and oak veneer finishes. Baseboards must be less than 5" in height. The folding table can be folded up and down with ease due to its flexible construction. The dimensions when folded up: 31" W x 38" D x 28" H. When folded down the table melts into the shelf.


63" W x 78.7" H x 12" D