Mirra® 2 Chair

Studio 7.5 for Herman Miller® - 2014

Mirra 2 does what you need a task chair to do, beautifully and easily. Its one-piece backrest is elastic so it accommodates individual sizes, sitting positions, and the movements you make while you sit. The PostureFit® support keeps your lower back properly aligned, while the AireWeave™ suspension seat keeps you cool. It’s lean, light, and so responsive it supports you wherever you go.

From $1960


The Mirra 2 Chairs are available with the following options: Standard Seat Height (16-20.5”), Tilt Limiter/Seat Angle (chair will tilt backwards and forwards), Adjustable Arms (move 5" vertically, 1 1/8" horizontally, 2" front to back, and pivot 20 ̊ outward and 20 ̊ inward), Flexfront Seat Depth (adjusts seat depth from 16 3⁄4" to 18”), and Adjustable Lumbar Support (Adjusts 4 1⁄2" in height and 1" in depth). Choose from either a Polymer Back or Butterfly Back. The Butterfly Back is the polymer back shell merged with a fabric layer. Frame finishes include Graphite Frame/Base or White Frame/Fog Base. Casters for hard floors or carpet. The back and seat colour finishes include: Graphite, Slate Grey, Twilight, Dark Turquoise, Urban Orange or White Back/Alpine Seat.


30" W x 18.5" D x 38.75-42.75" H; 16-20.5" Seat H