Ball Vase Large

Cooee Design

A stylish ceramic vase from the south of Sweden. The vase is hand made which makes every piece unique. The hand painted vase has a matte, soft surface which offers a unique visual and tactile experience that has become a hallmark of the ball vase. We love groupings of three filled with blooms.



Matte porcelain with two layers of paint. The hand painted outer surface should only be cleaned using a soft cloth, if needed add a small amount of water on the cloth and gently wipe the dirty area. It’s important that you wipe the vase completely dry afterwards. We recommend that you store the product in its original packaging when not displayed, this to prevent damages while in storage. The inside of the vase is glazed to hold water, but as ceramics is a porous material we recommend that you let the vase dry between usage from time to time. When changing water in your vase, avoid getting water on the outside of the vase, because water can affect the surface.


7.9" Dia x 7.9" H