Oiva / Siirtolapuutarha Mug

Maija Louekari/Sami Ruotsalainen for Marimekko

Räsymatto, Finnish for “rag rug”, evokes the circular pattern found on this Marimekko pattern. The Räsymatto pattern inspired by allotment gardening, is linked to topical themes like sustainable living and the joy of working with your hands. Allotments, with their flower and vegetable beds, represent urban nature at its best, and rag rug on the floor of an allotment cottage tells a colourful story of its own. This white stoneware mug has a long lifespan and prevents the pattern from fading or wearing off. Mix and match with the rest of the Siirtolapuutarha collection.



White stoneware. Freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.


3" W x 3.75" H, 250 ml