Cherner Bedside Table

Benjamin Cherner for Cherner Chair Company - 2016

The Cherner Bedside Table features scaled storage with a single drawer. The Bedside Tables are built entirely from laminated, molded and cross-ply plywood. American Walnut veneers and contrasting exposed edge laminations create a strong geometry and highlight the handmade mitered joinery. Available in Natural or Classic Walnut finishes. The authentic licensed design, sustainably made in the U.S.A.



Laminated, molded and cross-ply plywood, finished with wood veneer and contrasting exposed edge. Available in Classic Walnut or Natural Walnut. "Natural" finishes have a clear top coat where the natural variations in the colour and the grain of the wood are clearly visible. No stain or colour enhancements are used. Classic finishes mean aniline dyes and water-based low VOC varnishes are used to produce a finish where the natural grain texture of the wood is clearly visible with uniform colour throughout. "Natural" walnut products have only a clear finish applied. The lighter beech core and darker walnut face veneer are brought into vivid contrast. Products with a "Classic" walnut finish have a stain applied to both the beech core and the face veneer which gives the products a uniform walnut colour (very little contrast in colour between the beech core and the walnut veneer).


21" W x 19" D x 19" H