Carol Elf Doll

ferm Living

According to Nordic folklore, nisser are small, elf-like creatures that secretly live in houses and barns and are particularly active during the Christmas season. A well-treated nisse will act as a family guardian, and may even start helping out with chores, whereas a spurned nisse is known for causing mischief wherever he goes. Carol is a friendly elf who is embroidered onto organic, GOTS-certifed cotton and filled with recycled polyester. Find her a home under your Christmas tree or in a cosy windowsill, where she will help to spread festive holiday cheer to the whole family.



100% undyed GOTS-certified organic cotton with embroidery. Recycled polyester filling. Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth.


2.95" W 1.5" D x 8.3" H